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Microsoft Cognitive services for AI driven chat-bots and NLP processing


The world of conversation bots, commonly known as chat-bots, does not have to be daunting and insincere. If implemented and used correctly, chat-bots are a valuable tool for increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing demand on internal resources.  When combined with action-bots (automation), client processes can be executed without the need for resource investment. Meaning, your team can now focus on complex and value-added work instead of responding to highly manual and repetitive requests.

RiverAA has implemented many successful chat-bots that service both external client needs and internal service desk requests.  These bots have decreased our clients' call volume by over 50% while increasing user satisfaction, and servicing new sales opportunities. 

Bots search through a myriad of webpages or job aids to provide answers faster and more efficiently while offering a seamless user-experience. It is time for your organization to have access to this capability. 

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