We recognize that successfully implementing automation within any business process requires a firm knowledge of the process itself, and a substantial focus on simplifying and standardizing this process before any automated virtual employees are put in place. This is why we are always guided by our SSAI framework 

that ensures quick and realizable return on automation investments.

Our RiverFlow suite of bots allows for quick and effective automation by providing configurable "tasks" that are tied together through a central orchestration to allow for customized automation without any investment in custom coding.

We also have a track record of success partnering with large and small scale organizations to implement large scale enterprise RPA platforms.


The world of conversation bots, commonly known as chat-bots, doesn't have to be daunting and insincere. If implemented and used correctly, chat-bots are a valuable tool for increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing demand on internal resources.  When combined with action-bots (automation), client processes can be executed without the need for resource investment. Meaning, your team can now focus on complex and value-added work instead of responding to highly manual and repetitive requests.

RiverAA has implemented many successful chat-bots that service both external client needs and internal service desk requests.  These bots have decreased our clients' call volume by over 50% while increasing user satisfaction, and servicing new sales opportunities. 

Bots search through a myriad of web-pages or job aids to provide answers faster and more efficiently while offering a seamless user-experience. It's time for your organization to have access to this capability at a realistic rate.


River Analytics and Automation Inc. had its genesis in audit and financial analytic professional services. Our team's combined 40+ years of experience and over $1 billion in client savings has given us a foundation to build a proven suite of analytic services that can be accessed on a subscription basis. 

Making your SAP Data Speak to You

SAP configurable controls are complex and dynamic.  Typical SAP reports or BI tools aren’t designed to report on control weaknesses.  However, analytics can provide insight into controls and more.

RiverAA has developed a series of standard SAP analytics that assess the adequacy of the controls, identify business process inefficiencies and identify risk.

We understand the business process, underlying data, and SAP system, and have built and implemented hundreds of analytical tests in large and small private and public sector organizations.



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