Co-Founder, CEO

A known figure in the world of analytics, from early on in his career Charlie noticed that too many highly educated people were stuck in roles that primarily involved repetitive, manual, and simple jobs; leading to low satisfaction and limiting personal impact. This is why Charlie co-founded River Analytics and Automation, to eliminate boring and unsatisfying work so that highly skilled people could focus their efforts on driving value and maximize their impact.



Scott is a technology savant who is known for his ability to take a direct and simple approach to solving complex business problems. Previously Scott managed innovation and efficiency teams for such organizations as P&G, General Motors, and world renowned consulting firms.  An avid outdoors-man, who has completed the pacific coast trail (Mexico to Canada) hike, Scott co-founded River Analytics & Automation for one reason, to solve fun problems without adding more technological complications.


Principal Analytics Partner

An expert in data analytics, with multiple known publications to his name, David Coderre is River Analytics and Automation's Analytics Lead and trusted partner. After 28 years of internal audit work with the Canadian federal government, Dave has promoted analytics capabilities and savings across the globe. He partnered with RiverAA because of a shared vision of providing technology driven solutions that create real impact by making business processes more efficient and effective.


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